Photo of Institute buildings

The New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study aspires to be one of the world's leading centres in curiosity-driven fundamental research. The institute exists to encourage and support academic scholarship at the highest level - the original, often speculative, critical thinking that produces major advances in knowledge - and is characterized by interdisciplinary clusters of elite scholars with the ambition and capability to lead New Zealand's cultivation and generation of knowledge. Our ambition is to attract world leaders in their fields and to retain New Zealand's best minds.

Since its launch in 2007 by its founder Distinguished Prof. Gaven Martin, the New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study has produced an exceptional record of achievements - it holds a number of Marsden and international grants, and has the highest PBRF score amongst its members nationally. The scientific board contains world leaders in their fields, including Nobel Prize winners and Fields Medalists.

The institute also provides for the mentoring of younger top scholars by its professoriate, offering all who work there the freedom to undertake research that makes significant contributions in the broad range of academic scholarship. It welcomes international researchers and students to come to New Zealand and collaborate with our staff members.

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